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INSIDE OUT Project (second stage), Yuzina Art Gallery, Sofia, 2013
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The project entitled “Inside Out” consists of a series of paintings and a multimedia installation. Formally it is divided into two parts, namely – “inside” and “out”. Just as many other previous projects, whose author is Alexander Yuzev, this one is also based on a social and existential position, which is not directly stated, though. The author’s concept is delivered with the help of a universal and visual metaphor: the cycle of the human being when conceived, developed and predestined, thus implying a subject-matter with its variations which predetermines different visual expression, imagery and symbolism.

With its two stages of happening the exhibition “Inside Out” opens up a broad communicative plan, which unites various ways of influence and methods of approach. It confronts the policy of representation in advertisement and its technological image with the lost authenticity of the human being, one’s own experience and realization of personal predestination.

The first part of the project is exhibited in the open in urban milieu. Three fine art paintings are shown on billboards taking into the exterior an “inner” symbolic scene, transformed into a screen of technological reproduction – an ultrasound screening of a foetus. Apart from the digital image and text, the three compositions deliver a totally specific visual message. The texture of this image is in the spectrum of white, green and red, which add to the black abyss of non-existence, literally reproduced in the compositions. They seek to overcome the idea of national identity, predestination of the Bulgarian as a part of the total matrix. The topic of the matrix and the reproduction here function both formally and as a plot, which appears to be total for modern man and one’s own lack of authentic, free, natural, personal and social behaviour, which is increasingly controlled nowadays.

The second part of the project is performed in the “Yuzina” Art Gallery. The so called “Inside” part of the exhibition represents an aesthetic, instrumentally decorative contemporary version of the reproductive act, which is the fundamental cycle of the project. The previously assembled and compressed act scenes imply in a spectacular way the jargon of the aggressive advertisement and the popculture into the context and space of the gallery.

The differentiation into parallel levels (with approximately identical content) in the projection illustrates the overall state of things. Systematical and systemized, with no beginning or end, the copulation turns into a visual formula, phrase or symbolic action diverted from its immediate purpose and interpretation. Thus the installation functions on the verge of the vulgar pop art and the conceptually engaged “ready-made” – it is a new interpretation of the oldest topic in the world with its many-faceted cultural meaning, defining taboo, obsession and urge. It is not only a clear formal comment on the actual visual language and culture, but also an articulate and expressive “fuck off” to the situation and condition of the Bulgarian – be he an artist, individual person or a child, and to our common eventual future.

This combination of the two ways of representation of the universal and highly sensitive to the contemporary society topic put up the straightforward question in the form of contemporary mythologization, codes and transgressions of the art systems, media contamination of space, the individual and social visual culture. The projects focus on the concept of the image as identity bearer and sign of predetermination, as part of every human being which proves to be extremely vulnerable. The two exhibitions unite the extremes of banalization of the contemporary man’s tragedy and the ironic dramatization of the archetypal act …