Name: Alexander Yuzev
Date of birth: 1977

Education and training:

2002 Graduated in MURAL PAINTING, National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia

1996 Graduated in PAINTING, National High School of Arts, Sofia

Professional experience:

2002-2006 Painter/ object conservation in National Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

Awards and honors:

2002 High school of commerce and industries, cycle of mural paintings for decoration, Sofia

2001 Cycle of mural paintings for the decoration of "Union Bank", Sofia

2000 Cycle of mural paintings for the decoration of Hospital “Saint Anne”, Sofia

2000 Soros Foundation Award - Sofia, for the project "And God said: Let the Light be"


November 2004 First individual exhibition “Identity N”, National Art Gallery, Sofia

March 2005 "Life bumper" - installation which took part in the official selection of the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris “J’en rêve”

June 2005 "Identity N" - installation, first individual exhibition presented at Art today Association, Plovdiv

June 2005 “Vacuum Art Dreams” - outdoor installation presented at the Visual Arts Festival “Little seasons - making a theater - SFUMATO”, Sofia

August 2005 Collective exhibition (Open air Balchik), National Gallery for Foreign Arts, Sofia

November 2005 “Borderlines”, collective exhibition of a French - Bulgarian resident program, National Art Gallery, Sofia

June 2006 “Borderlines”, collective exhibition of the International resident project, final phase of the international itinerary exhibition, Hall des Chars, Strasbourg, France

February 2008 "MOLECULART: emerging artists from Bulgaria", Rayko Alexiev Gallery, Sofia

June-September 2008: Triennial of Contemporary Art, Prague

October 2008 "MOBILITY", collective international exhibition, Helzinki

December 2008 "MOBILITY", collective international exhibition, Lisboa

January 2009 "MOBILITY", collective international exhibition, Sofia

October 2009 "Reflections of Tomorrow", curator: Emil Mirazchiev, co-curator: Jakob Racek
Center for Contemporary Art, The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv

March 2010 „Privet collection - Bulgarian contemporary art - 50 years Emil Mirazchiev” - Corridor Gallery, Plovdiv

March 2010 An exhibition ”A borderline situation: the drawing in modern-day art”, Industrialna 11 Gallery, Sofia

February-March 2010 ”A borderline situation: the drawing in modern-day art”, Gallery BIC, Prague

May 2010 “10/5/3 - the assembling as an artistic strategy”, collective exhibition, The Union of Bulgarian Artists, Gallery Shipka 6, Sofia

May - June 2011 “I don’t want to go out”, individual exhibition, Mall City Center Sofia, Sofia

Ìay - June 2012 "Opposite Together" (, installation, Industrialna 11 Gallery and Gallery UniCredit Studio, Sofia

May 2012 "Fire and Sea", art festival, Tzarevo, Bulgaria